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  The current admission arrangements for Hertfordshire County Council Schools are available at Herts Direct

Nursery Admissions

Hertfordshire County Council invites parents to apply for their child’s Nursery place in the spring before the academic year that the child turns 4. Academic years run from September to August. Most of these applications are made via the County on-line admissions system available at www.hertsdirect.org (for academic year 2017/2018 applications open on 06/02/17 for children born between 01/09/13 and 31/08/14). The applications are then considered by the school as per the published criteria. We currently have two Nursery sessions; one in the morning from 8.45am until 11.45am or one in the afternoon 12noon – 3.00pm .

30 Hours Free Childcare

Parents seeking a Nursery School place for their child for 30 hours in September 2017 must complete the Supplementary Information Form below as well as applying online via their local authority’s website. The form must be returned directly to the school by Tuesday 21st March 2017.

Governors will randomly select 6 children to receive a 30 hour offer on 25th April 2017 and parents will be notified via email. As there is no statutory requirement for Nursery there is no right of appeal. Should a 30 hour offer be made to you it will be necessary to reply by Friday 28th April 2017 (9am). Should we not receive your notification of acceptance by this date the offer will be withdrawn

Nursery Admission Documents

School Admissions


Hertfordshire County Council allocates places, separate to Nursery places. They invite parents to apply in the Autumn before the academic year in which the child turns 5. Most of these applications are made on-line at www.hertsdirect.org/admissions (for academic year 2017/2018 applications open on 07/11/16 for children born between 01/09/12 and 31/08/13, summer born children born between 01/04/13 and 31/08/13 can defer until 2018/2019).  A paper form can be requested by telephoning the County Admissions Team on the telephone number below. We admit children into school once each year at the beginning of the Autumn Term.

In Year Admissions

Children moving into the area who wish to join our school should be aware that we have continued interests lists for each year group which are administered by Hertfordshire County Council. Please see below for their contact details.

Continued Interest Lists

In the event of the school being over-subscribed, places will be allocated according to the Hertfordshire County Council rules and arrangements. Copies of these are available from www.hertsdirect.org or by telephoning County Admissions Team.


The continued interest list for Nursery children who will be 4 this academic year is held in school. If you wish to register your child please complete the registration form below and return to the school office.

Reception / Year 1 / Year2

These continued interest lists are held by Hertfordshire County Council. If you wish to register your child or have any queries regarding these year groups please contact the County Admissions Team.

School Visits

For Nursery and Reception applications the school holds a number of tours. The tour begins with a talk from our Headteacher, Mrs Cole, in the school hall and is followed by a walk around the school with Mrs Cole or a member of the SLT.  Please be aware that these tours are very popular coming up to admissions deadlines so we recommend you book early!  Numbers are restricted so that the disruption to the school is kept to a minimum.  These tours are for adults only so please arrange childcare before booking your appointment.  Please note that the school car park is for staff only, please park considerately on the nearby roads. If you require a parking space due to disability, please contact the school office in advance.

If you would like to visit our linked school Little Green, please contact them on 01923 773861 to arrange an appointment.

The dates of the tours for September 2018 admissions will be released by the end of September 2017 and can then be found on our Diary Dates page, please contact the school office to reserve your place.  Please note that we are not able to accommodate individual tours. 

For applications at other times (in-year admissions) please contact the school office to make an appointment.

Useful Contacts

Reception / Year 1 / Year 2 – Hertfordshire County Council Admissions Team 0300 123 4043.

Nursery / School Visits: Admissions Secretary, Tel: 01923 773430 or email: admin@malvernway.herts.sch.uk