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Learning Outside The Classroom (LOtC)

In July 2017 we received the news that Malvern Way had achieved gold accreditation from the council for Learning Outside of the Classroom. This award recognises the exemplary provision at our school ensuring our children have access to frequent, continuous and progressive opportunities to take their learning away from the classroom.

LOtC is the use of places other than the classroom for teaching and learning. It is about getting the children out and about, providing them with challenging and exciting experiences to help them learn. LOtC is a powerful tool that is proven to raise attainment, develop communication, collaboration & confidence, bolster social, emotional and personal development and contribute to the health and well being of children and young people.

At Malvern Way we have extensive grounds that have been developed to make the most of LOtC opportunities.

These include:                                                                               

Woodland walk                 

Bird hide




Sensory Garden

Chicken house

Sculpture garden

Additionally, we make use of our local area and find opportunities to take the children even further afield. Please read our LOtC newsletter for more details.

At Malvern Way School we have Eco Warriors, 2 elected members from each Year 1 and Year 2 class.  They are elected at the beginning of the school year and work with Mrs Stephen to raise awareness of our Eco Code and encourage our School community to be Eco Friendly. We have energy monitors who turn off lights and taps.

The School has had an assembly on recycling given by a visitor from the local council.  Mrs Stephen and our Eco Warriors invited grandparents to a Soup Share lunch on Wednesday 11th October. The children used produce from our school gardens (carrots, leeks, potatoes) to cook some soup. Other classes helped by baking bread and making butter.

2017/2018 ~ Our Eco Warriors will be:

Evie, Jack, Vivienne, Olivia, India-Rose, Max, Edie, Emily, Maximilian, Isla, Layla and Max

Our Eco Warriors were very successful last year, retaining our Eco School status. We are sure this new team will take our Eco projects from strength to strength.

At Malvern Way we have an Eco Code

Walk, scoot or cycle to school to save fuel
Remember to recycle all the waste you can, milk cartons, plastic, paper, glass.
Use fruit and vegetable waste to make compost
Turn taps off!
Don’t waste paper!
Turn lights off when you leave the room!


RHS Campaign for School Gardening Level Three Award


In January 2017 we were awarded our Level Three certificate from the Royal Horticultural Society.  We will receive a voucher for a fantastic ‘Schools Constant Garden’ from Rocket Gardens who will grow and send us a series of boxes brimming full of young vegetable and fruit plants to help our veg patch burst into life this season.


Gardening Club By Aldona