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Friends of Malvern Way

A big hello from Friends of Malvern Way! We are all volunteers, working together to organise fundraising events providing an opportunity for parents, staff and our children to get together, raising money for the School in the process.

Your money, through FoMW events, raised £8,000 for the School last year. The money is used to support the School in making children’s learning more engaging and exciting. Over the past 12 months we have paid for, among other things, the outdoor ‘construction’ shed, ipads and workshops for all year groups.

We don’t all have the opportunity to go into School on a regular basis. But let us assure you, this money makes a HUGE difference. The money we raise makes real changes for the children. It allows the School to undertake projects that would still be on the ‘list’ for the future. 

If you have any time to spare or have a skill to share, please come along to a meeting. Hear about all our events and plans for the coming year. Everyone can make a difference to FoMW and the School, no matter how little or much you are able to contribute.

We urge you to take part and make a difference.

We have monthly meetings to organise fundraising events and discuss projects

Join our online facebook community – just search for Friends of Malvern Way