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School Council

Our School Council is made up of 2 elected members from each Year 1 and  Year 2 class. The School Council work with Miss Wood to make important decisions for the School and act as a voice for their peers. In the Summer term, they are joined by 2 children from each Reception class. The School Council listen to the views of their peers and then make decisions on such matters as, charity events; fundraising for the School and improving our School environment.                                                                                                

2017/2018 ~ Our School Councillors

Our School Councillors: Louis, James, Eliya, Mia, James, Violet, Amelie, Abigail, Pippa, Callum, Alexander and Olivia.  

Last year’s School Council had a successful year of fundraising. They have already started working to ensure our pupils have a strong voice within our school.

“We decide what to buy to make our School a better place and to make our School exciting and fun. We look after property and buy new things to help us learn. We decide on what things we would like in the playground and around our School. It is fun being part of the School Council because we get to choose what things we want in our School. After the School Council meetings we go back and tell our class what we have talked about. The rest of the children tell us what they want us to talkabout at the next meeting. I like being part of the School Council because we talk about important things.”

School Council visit to the Welcome Club    

As part of our joint project with the other primary schools across Three Rivers, our School Council are   considering how we can engage more effectively with elderly people in Croxley. Miss Wood arranged for our School Council to attend the ‘Welcome club’ at the British Red Cross centre where our children played games with the adults. It was a really lovely event and hugely beneficial to both the ‘Welcome club’ and our School Council. We were hugely proud of the way our children confidently engaged in conversation with ladies and gentlemen at the club. We met an ex Malvern Way member of staff and found out about a lady who has 4 tortoises in her garden. The children learned the games of dominoes and boxes and we taught the club how to play HeadBandz! As we left we over heard one of the club members asking if the club could buy HeadBandz for them to play again!

Thank you to Miss Wood for her time in organising this event – we can’t wait to go again!