Nursery News – Summer 2 Week 7

It only seems like yesterday that the nursery team were welcoming your child into nursery for the first time. What a year we have had; with celebrations and challenges but together we have all have a very enjoyable time, made friends and grown in independence and confidence. We hope you have enjoyed seeing your child’s learning on 2Evidence me. Thank you all for your support throughout the year– encouraging your child to become an independent individual.

Together we have learnt so much and made so many memories, below are a few highlights…

  • Learning how to make a fire and then cooking juice
  • Completing a day at dragon school, following clues from Zog to get golden stamps
  • Following clues left by Eric the Elf to find Stickman who had lost his Stick Family
  • Performing Christmas songs and dances
  • Making jam tarts for our Jubilee Party
  • Exploring the gymnastics equipment during PE lessons, learning to jump from high tables and crawl across ladders
  • Planting our own plants, caring for them and watching them grow in the outside area
  • Taking part in an Easter Egg hunt around our nursery garden
  • Watching our frogs spawn hatch into tadpoles
  • Releasing the tiny frogs into our school pond
  • Making our very own wormeries and hunting the nursery garden for ‘pet’ worms
  • Learning how to ride a balance bike
  • Showcasing our sporting skills we have learnt at Sports Day
  • Taking part in a variety of workshops including Art and Yoga
  • Our first school trip to St Oswlad’s Church

…….as well as learning lots of stories, songs and rhymes!

All of the Nursery adults would like to wish you all the most enjoyable summer.

Mrs Bowen, Mrs Dinsey, Mrs Rathod, Mrs Esmond and Mrs Perez

Latest News

Nursery Latest News – Spring 2 Week 5

With spring on its way, we have been looking out for signs of spring. In our nursery garden we have started to see flowers blooming and even a bumble bee came to see us. We learnt about how flowers grow and what they need to grow. On Tuesday we had went up to the hall to listen about Alice Hemming’s book The Leaf Thief.