At Malvern Way we have created a curriculum that reflects our pupil’s voices and encourages them to be engaged and enthusiastic. It is our intent to provide all children at Malvern Way with a high quality education in English so they can speak, read and write fluently. We want our children to become confident communicators who can share their thoughts and feelings clearly.



Reading is an essential skill that underpins all areas of curriculum learning and we want to nurture a love of reading that starts from the day pupils walk into our nursery. Through careful planning and sequencing of learning we will teach children a range of phonic skills and strategies to become independent and fluent readers. We want our pupils to leave Malvern Way confidently reading a range of text types and to be excited by books.



At Malvern Way we want all children to confidently and clearly communicate their knowledge, ideas and emotions through their writing. Opportunities will be seen throughout the school for children to explore and acquire a wide vocabulary, develop a solid understanding of basic grammar and apply spelling patterns and rules they have learnt. It is our intent for all children to leave Malvern Way able to plan, write and edit their writing across all subject areas with an awareness of context, purpose and audience.