Nursery Latest News – Autumn 1 Week 4

We started this week by visiting our school library. We sat down and looked at where we get the books from and were very excited to share them with our families at home. In class we learnt about instruments. We talked about all the different instruments we know and learnt the names of some new ones. We used words such as squeaky and gruffly to describe the sounds the instruments made.

In maths we use Goldilocks and the Three Bears to compare sizes, using vocabulary such as taller, tallest, biggest, shorter, shortest, and smallest, then we sequenced the story. On Wednesday we visited the hall for our very first PE lesson. We looked at the space around us and learnt the rules for using it safely before enjoying some circle games. We ended the week going to our first ever badges assembly. Well done to those children who were awarded their badges.

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Nursery Latest News – Spring 2 Week 5

With spring on its way, we have been looking out for signs of spring. In our nursery garden we have started to see flowers blooming and even a bumble bee came to see us. We learnt about how flowers grow and what they need to grow. On Tuesday we had went up to the hall to listen about Alice Hemming’s book The Leaf Thief.