Nursery Latest News – Autumn 1 Week 7

We started this week looking at the traditional tale of The Three Little Pigs. Over the week we have been joining in with the repeated refrains and helping our adults to remember the story through retelling.

We have been making our own houses out of bricks, straw and sticks as well as turning our role play area into one of the houses. In maths we have been focusing on sorting different objects by colours, then moving on to sorting them by different criteria.

Mrs Rathod introduced us to a rhyming game called Silly Soup where we had to match up the pictures that would rhyme to put them into our Silly Soup. We have had a fantastic half term in Nursery and we hope you have a great half term too.

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Nursery Latest News Summer 2 – Week 1

We started our week sharing our sparkling moments with our friends, learning about different types of technology such as remotes, batteries and wires, tablets, computers, and even a sewing machine.