Nursery Latest News – Spring 1 Week 1

We welcomed back our Nursery cohort and began the week looking back at our holidays and sharing with our friends all the wonderful activities we did. It was so lovely to see everyone doing different activities over the festive break.

We introduced our new topic my world your world by looking at the coldest parts of the world, the Arctic and Antarctic. We brainstormed some animals we thought might like to live there and were amazed with how many we knew. We further our learning on by listening to the story Say Hello to the Snowy animals, looking at which order they came in and looking at each animals features.

In maths we started looking at number 1 and different ways to represent it. We carried on with our listening games by listening to different environmental sounds such as keys jangling, balls squeaking and drums banging.

At the end of the week, we voted for what animals we would like to learn more about. Coming in first place was the Snowy Owl which got a massive 6 votes, and then coming in at a close second place was a Lemming with 5 votes.

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Year 1 Latest News – Summer 1 Week 1

The children have entered the summer term showing they are ready to learn. They have enjoyed sharing all about their Easter holidays and wrote some lovely recounts. In maths they have been learning all about money and set up their very own shop in the classroom! In science the children have started an experiment looking at what type of water is best to help a seed grow. They will be observing their plants over the next few weeks to see what the results are and whether their predictions were correct.

Reception Latest News – Summer 1 Week 1

This week we were all excited to welcome our class caterpillars. We observed them as they started to move around and eat their food. We are looking forward to observing their changes as they grow.