Nursery Latest News Summer 1 – Week 2

This week we have been using our focus text Jack and the Beanstalk to continue our learning about beans. The children have planted their own bean in a different way, using a zip lock bag and a wet paper towel. They have been hung up by our Nursery window and the children are excited to observe any changes they see. In our whole class learning we have recapped the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, using time language to sequence the story. We then innovated the story to create our own story of Jack and the Giant Flower where Jack’s magic beans turn into a flower and waiting at the top is a giant bee.

In maths we have been talking about and exploring 3D shapes, noticing how a 3D shape can be made up of different 2D shapes. We have been looking around our Nursery to see what 2D and 3D shapes we can find.

In phonics we have started to look at different phonemes (sounds), starting with ‘s’ and ‘a’. We have learnt songs and actions to help us remember the sounds, and in small groups we have started to understand that words are made up of these different sounds and have been listening to what sounds we can hear.

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Nursery Latest News Summer 1 – Week 5

This week we have been reading the book The Tiny Seed and learning about the journey the seed takes. In our explore learning time, we created our own journey of a bean seed thinking carefully back to the journey of The Tiny Seed.