Nursery News- Summer Term- Week 1

Welcome back to the Summer term. This week we started our new topic “What can you see?”. We visited our school pond area in small groups. We laid on our tummies around the pond so we could get close and observe what was in the pond. We were very Curious Cats. Using a net, we scooped out some tadpoles to look at and learnt about the life cycle of a frog. We now have a tank in our classroom with some tadpoles in which we will take care of and watch them grow and transform from tadpoles to froglets and then into frogs. We also went on a Spring walk around our grounds and saw lots of different colour blossoms on trees as well as blue bells. Throughout the week we have enjoyed exploring our outside classroom, especially in the muddy area and sandpit.

On Friday we took part in our whole school Spring Parade. It was lots of fun to see how everyone had dressed up and decorated flags, hats, props and shields in a way that represents Spring. We then sung two songs; Spring Chicken and Find a Little Seed.

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Nursery Latest News Summer 2 – Week 1

We started our week sharing our sparkling moments with our friends, learning about different types of technology such as remotes, batteries and wires, tablets, computers, and even a sewing machine.