Reception Latest News- Spring 1- Week 2

This week we have continued reading our focus text ‘Here We Are’ with a focus on under the sea. In our classes we came up with a list of all the things we could see in the picture e.g. a scuba diver, a narwhal and a shipwreck. For adult directed learning, the children then went on to sentence writing using the sentence starter ‘I can see…’. They used their phonic knowledge and memory words and remembered that a sentence needs a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.

The children have enjoyed creating a variety of under the sea crafts using mixed media. They used strips of paper and ribbon to make floating jelly fish and empty egg cartons to make an ‘under the sea box’. Later in the week, in Art they used their sketching skills to draw turtles using clear lines and shapes.

Outdoors, the children have used their observational skills to talk about the world around them, they have particularly enjoyed exploring ice and finding ways to melt it.

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Nursery Latest News – Summer 2 Week 5

On Monday we began our birthday celebration week by looking at how schools have changed since Malvern Way and Little Green had opened in 1949. We looked at the difference in the school building, classrooms, and equipment such as white boards and black boards.

Reception Latest News- Summer 2 Week 4

This week the children have all enjoyed their first woodwork sessions. First they explored the safety aspects of woodwork including the importance of safety goggles and safe use of tools. They used a variety of different size and thickness of balsa wood, different sized nails and a variety of mixed media such as bottle tops, corks and beads for their creations. They also learned how to use a Japanese saw safely with an adult. The children had lots of fun exploring and we were very impressed with their creations.

Year 2 Latest News – Summer 2 Week 4

This week in maths, we learnt about patterns. We had to identify patterns but also create patterns ourselves. We noticed that a pattern could be made in lots of different ways. For example, you could make a one by alternating two types of shape or by changing the colour of just one shape.