Reception Latest News Spring 1 Week 5

We began this week thinking about jobs we might do in the future and how the skills we learn in school will prepare us for these jobs. The children identified listening skills, being kind, learning phonics, speaking clearly and using a computer.

This week we began our exploration of space with the arrival of role play space rockets in our classrooms, a place for us to use our imagination and pretend we are astronauts on a space mission. Throughout the week we have been learning facts about space. Did you know that there is no air or sound in space? That the sun is surrounded by eight planets? Or that the Earth is the only planet that supports human life? In maths this week we have been learning about comparison and the language of comparison e.g. Aiden has fewer bricks than Evie, Noura has more cars than Oscar. We also focused on comparison activities in our outdoor area using the sticks that our families collected last weekend.

This week we have also been working collaboratively to think of ways to improve our outdoor classroom, we talked about the areas we enjoy and the areas we would like to see changed. Next we made teams and worked together to move all the units, tables and resources. We are all excited to learn in the new areas.

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Nursery Latest News – Spring 2 Week 5

With spring on its way, we have been looking out for signs of spring. In our nursery garden we have started to see flowers blooming and even a bumble bee came to see us. We learnt about how flowers grow and what they need to grow. On Tuesday we had went up to the hall to listen about Alice Hemming’s book The Leaf Thief.