Reception Latest News- Spring 1 Week 6

Feeling good, feeling safe week.

We started our week off by revisiting the Zones of Regulation and talking about how they help us to regulate our emotions. The children were able to describe some of the feelings linked to each colour and talk about different strategies to help them when they are in the blue/red zone, e.g. ‘have a drink of water, find a calm space, talk to a friend or teacher’. We also revisited our ‘helping hands’ and identified the adults in school who can help us.

On Tuesday, the children all went on a small walk in their classes, outside of the school to safely cross the road. They all remembered to look left and right and listen out for any cars before crossing.

Later in the week, we looked at how to keep safe when using technology e.g. on the computers, tablets, and on the interactive whiteboard. We attended an e-safety assembly where we listened to the story ‘Penguin Pig’ which had an important message about staying safe online.

On Friday, the children enjoyed taking part in a whole school scavenger hunt. They joined with friends from Year 1 and Year 2 and had to use a map to find and answer the questions linked to safety week.

What a busy and wonderful end to the half term!

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Nursery Latest News – Spring 2 Week 5

With spring on its way, we have been looking out for signs of spring. In our nursery garden we have started to see flowers blooming and even a bumble bee came to see us. We learnt about how flowers grow and what they need to grow. On Tuesday we had went up to the hall to listen about Alice Hemming’s book The Leaf Thief.