Reception Latest News Summer 1- Week 4

After the Bank Holiday weekend, we were very excited to see that our caterpillars have finally formed their chrysalis. We are now waiting patiently and hoping for some more changes soon.

In maths, we reviewed the composition of the numbers 6 to 9 using the ‘5 and a bit’ structure. Then we explored how 10 can be composed using a range of concrete objects.

In PE, the children negotiated space safely as they took part in an obstacle course where they learnt to run along agility ladders. They showed good balance and coordination as they jumped over hurdles and practiced their jumping jacks on spots on the ground.

At the end of the week the children listened carefully to instructions and followed a recipe to measure the ingredients, mix them together and bake fairy cakes of their own and once they had cooled they enjoyed decorating them.

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Nursery Latest News Summer 1 – Week 5

This week we have been reading the book The Tiny Seed and learning about the journey the seed takes. In our explore learning time, we created our own journey of a bean seed thinking carefully back to the journey of The Tiny Seed.