Year 1 Latest News – Autumn 1 Week 6

This week the children had a visit from Watford School’s Trust to learn all about the Christian festival, Harvest.

They found out this is a time for Christians to be thankful for the crops that the farmers have harvested. Afterwards the children created harvest plates to show what they are thankful for. In maths the children continued to use the part-part whole model to re-group numbers.

They also learnt how addition is commutative using cubes. In computing the children continued to explore how to use the mouse pad using the tools in paint. They were very keen to create their own bog babies!

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Nursery Latest News Summer 2 – Week 1

We started our week sharing our sparkling moments with our friends, learning about different types of technology such as remotes, batteries and wires, tablets, computers, and even a sewing machine.