Year 2 Latest News – Spring 2 Week 2

This week, we really enjoyed visiting Windsor Castle! While we were there, we observed the stone keep, moat, drawbridge gate, arrow slots, gargoyles and the gatehouse. We loved going inside the State Room Apartments and St. George’s Chapel – everything inside looked so beautiful and precious! When we were inside St. George’s Chapel we were very respectful and calm and were even able to see where Queen Elizabeth II is buried. Inside the State Rooms, we enjoyed spending time looking at many different coats of arms and even designed our own on a piece of paper. While we were at Windsor Castle, we were lucky to see the Changing of the Guard. It was amazing to hear the drums and the band while watching the soldiers march.

This week, we have been applying out newly attained knowledge on list poems in class. We watched John Lyons retell his poem ‘Tell me Mamma’ from here we identified elements for a list poem and applied these to our own. We thought about tricky questions that we would ask our carers or adults at school, we wrote these down and created a list poem called ‘Questions I have been asking lately’ and presented them to our class.

In maths, we have been learning to double and halve two digit numbers using a cherry model and dienes. Firstly, we recapped that doubling is finding the total of two equal group which helped us to understand that when we double a number we have to double the tens and ones. Next, we moved on to halving a two-digit number and recapped that halving is dividing a whole into two equal parts. We practised halving multiplies of 10 using a cherry model, then we halved two digit numbers by regrouping the number into tens and ones.

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Nursery Latest News – Spring 2 Week 5

With spring on its way, we have been looking out for signs of spring. In our nursery garden we have started to see flowers blooming and even a bumble bee came to see us. We learnt about how flowers grow and what they need to grow. On Tuesday we had went up to the hall to listen about Alice Hemming’s book The Leaf Thief.