Year 2 Latest News Summer 1 – Week 3

This week in English we reviewed each other’s work and gave feedback to ensure we had included time connectives, adverbs and diagrams before we published our instructions text. We then started reading a new book called Julian is a Mermaid by Jessica Love. We revised the different sentence types that can be used to show what characters are thinking and feeling and then created our own speech and thought bubbles.

In Maths, we have continued learning about fractions. This week we explored finding fractions of a number. First, we investigated splitting a whole into equal groups of halves, thirds and quarters with Cuisenaire rods and used a speaking frame to communicate if the rod can or cannot be split equally. Then we explored, finding half of an amount, linked to division by sharing a whole into two groups.

This week we continued to explore the topic Get Ready for Take Off. We revised where Croxley Green is in England and then looked at the other countries that make up the United Kingdom. We learnt about the seven different continents that make up the world. To solidify our knowledge of the location of the seven continents we made our own world maps and colour coded each continent and stuck it in the right place.

In science we continued our learning on plants by recapping how seeds disperse, which include by the wind, animals, bursting and by humans. We investigated the lifecycle of a bean plant, bulb and an oak tree, and reviewed each step: first planting the bean, germination, roots, leaves, flowers, fruit, seed dispersal and death. We learned that this is a cycle as it means that new plants can grow from the new seeds.

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Nursery Latest News Summer 1 – Week 5

This week we have been reading the book The Tiny Seed and learning about the journey the seed takes. In our explore learning time, we created our own journey of a bean seed thinking carefully back to the journey of The Tiny Seed.