Year 2 Latest News Summer 1 – Week 6

This week we used all of our newly gained knowledge in English to write a narrative to entertain our reader. We chose to write a narrative based on our own experience or those of others, we revisited the story plan for Julian is a Mermaid to assist us in creating our own story plan. We reviewed what a good narrative encompasses which included: conjunctions, adverbs, adjectives, time connectives and the use of key technical vocabulary.

In maths, we reviewed our problem solving strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These strategies included: rebalancing, regrouping using think 10, build it, draw it and write it as well as sharing and using known facts. We discussed what ‘efficient’ means in maths and identified that it means the quickest and easiest method to solve a calculation. After this, we answered a range of questions thinking about the most efficient strategy to help us work it out.

In computing, we engaged in a larger programming task. We broke the task down into chunks and created algorithms for each task; this process is known as ‘decomposition’. We found and fixed errors in the algorithms and programs, which is known as ‘debugging’. Once we finished these tasks we tested our work to ensure that we had completed it correctly.

We have also been working really hard in PE to prepare for sports day. We have been testing out our bike riding skills, focusing on our concentration and balance. We have also been practising our archery skills, egg and spoon races, sack races, ball skills as well as an obstacle course that encouraged us to use our gross motor skills.

This week we were also able to release our class butterflies. We have loved watching them change over time and it was amazing to see them fly away!

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Reception Latest News Summer 2 – Week 3

We began this week with our focus text The oak tree by Julia Donaldson. This book explored a range of new vocabulary such as thousands, centuries, Normans and Tudors.

Year 2 Latest News Summer 2 – Week 2

This week, we have had a great time taking part in Malvern Way sports week! Year 2 enjoyed a cricket workshop on Monday where we learned how to hold a cricket bat and hit tennis balls into a space.

Nursery Latest News – Summer 2 Week 2

On Monday we were raring to go for our Sports Week. We started the week with a visit from RugbyTots, learning new skills such as scoring a try, throwing and kicking a rugby ball.